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Who we are Starlight Power Industrial Company Limited was established in 2012, and the headquarter was located in Guoning Industrial Park, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China, which is an enterprise combining with independent research, development, production and sales of lithium ion Battery pack like LiFePO4 Motorcycle Battery and LiFePO4 Car Battery. What we do Since founded, Starlight has dedicated to the career of serving the global consumer having the requirements on power supply, energy storage, back-up source and special power supply for nearly 10 years. Now it becomes a professional provider of Li-ion battery custom solutions and products. Service concept Starlight looks forward for the future with an open mind, and keeps strengthening the global strategic cooperation. In the face of changeably individual, diversified, global requirements from the customers, we adhere to the service policy of "customized R&D - 24-hour Response hours –72-hour Solution –10-year Maintenance", dedicate to providing Lithium Ion Battery custom solutions and products with better competitiveness to global users, and march on hand in hand for mutual development with global users and partners.
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In 1996, the University of Texas discovered that phosphate can be used as a cathode material for rechargeable lithium batteries. Lithium phosphate has good electrochemical properties and low resistance. This is achieved through nano-scale phosphate cathode materials. The main advantages are high rated current and long cycle life; good thermal stability, enhanced safety and tolerance to abuse. If kept at a high voltage for a long time, lithium phosphate is more resistant to all charging conditions and has less stress than other lithium-ion systems. The disadvantage is that the lower nominal voltage of the 3.2V battery makes the specific energy lower than the cobalt-doped lithium-ion battery. For most batteries, low temperatures will reduce performance, and elevated storage temperatures will shorten their service life, and lithium phosphate is no exception. Lithium phosphate has a higher self-discharge than other lithium-ion batteries, which may cause aging and thus balance problems, but these can be compensated by selecting high-quality batteries or using advanced battery management systems. The figure below summarizes the properties of lithium phosphate. Lithium phosphate is commonly used instead of lead-acid starter batteries. Four batteries in series produce 12.80V, which is similar to the voltage of six 2V lead-acid batteries in series. By reducing the number of batteries to reduce the overall weight of the car, the car can start mor
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